At First Glance

We live in an age of information. Turn on the TV; log on to the internet; pick up a newspaper; and immediately you are face with interviews, articles, and videos designed to entertain, persuade, and inform. It has become easy to access detailed information on a wide variety of topics. In our personal and professional affairs, we constantly seek advice when making decisions about how to accomplish our goals.  We learn how to evaluate information and seek those who can guide us in the correct direction. Often, this process involves considering many different perspectives; in the medical field this is commonly referred to as seeking a “second opinion.” This is not to say that there is always a right or wrong opinion; rather we appreciate that each person’s experience can contribute to a unique view.

The purpose of this blog not to provide authoritative expertise on any sports topics, nor serve as a database for detailed statistics. Rather, the articles are written to contribute to the ongoing conversation that composes modern sports commentary.  The goal is open a dialogue regarding interesting and relevant topics. Of course I expect debate and disagreement to follow, and I hope that you will offer your own comments. What is written is designed to offer my perspective on how I view certain events and topics in sports. As the title of this blog suggests, the articles are designed to offer an additional viewpoint to the myriad of sports commentary that currently exists: a second opinion. I encourage you to add a third.


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